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From the Idaho Department of Corrections (IDOC):


Things are still improving for IDOC facilities and we have started allowing visiting for our residents which is a huge move forward. Again, we are waiting to see how things go with that and then moving on to allowing volunteers back as we look at various factors to make a determination when to do so - resident vaccination rates, results of recent COVID testing at the facility and in the community in which the facility is located based on local public health district information.

In anticipation of and preparation for, we are starting to schedule volunteer training for those who are new volunteers and those who need the required refresher training for 2021 around the state. We will not be conducting Zoom trainings going forward. Please refer to the website for training dates and locations and understand that these will change as needed to allow for all volunteers the opportunity to meet this requirement before going into the facility.


Keep in mind that there are still a few restrictions and COVID protocols that will be followed depending on where the training is conducted. If at an IDOC facility, masks and social distancing will be in place.

It will be so good to see all of you again and we know the facility VRCs are anxious to meet you and help you get back into the facilities safely and as soon as possible. More importantly, the residents are more than ready to have you back!  Keep your eye on the training dates - not everyone has to come to the first one   - and wait for more communication as we get closer to the resumption of volunteer services.

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